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There are several reasons why you might have a crown placed over your tooth. Sometimes, it is purely for aesthetic reasons, allowing you to cover a tooth that is misshapen or chipped. In other instances, crowns play an important structural role, preserving an unhealthy or unstable tooth.

For crowns to be effective, they must fit snugly over the underlying tooth. Sometimes, this requires a process known as crown lengthening. In this procedure, your doctor will recontour the gum tissue and sometimes bone, exposing more of the tooth’s surface for the crown.

At Burbank Periodontics, we offer this procedure to patients throughout the Burbank, CA area to strengthen the mouth for the addition of crowns and reduce “gummy smiles.”

Reasons You May Need a Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening may be a functional necessity, especially when a tooth is so damaged, broken, or decayed that a crown will not fit properly. Crown lengthening can be an effective way to salvage the tooth and enable dental restoration.

Because crown lengthening leads to more of the tooth being exposed above the gumline, it can sometimes provide greater comfort and make it easier to maintain good oral hygiene.

Some patients seek crown lengthening for purely aesthetic reasons because they have a “gummy smile,” meaning their gums appear more prominent than their teeth. A crown lengthening procedure can address this, bringing greater balance and natural beauty to the smile.

Real Patient Results

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A Walkthrough of Our Process

We will provide you with a full consultation when you join us at Burbank Periodontics. During this initial appointment, your doctor will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw while reviewing any relevant X-rays or medical images. Your doctor will let you know whether you require crown lengthening based on this information.

We will provide local anesthesia and/or sedation if the procedure is needed to ensure your comfort. Once you are properly sedated, your surgeon will carefully remove soft tissue and bone if necessary. The amount of time required for crown lengthening depends on the patient and the number of affected teeth.

Following your crown lengthening procedure, you can anticipate some mild discomfort, which may last for up to two weeks. This discomfort is typically managed with over-the-counter pain medications, though prescription pain relievers are also available. It may be several more weeks before your gums are fully healed, and during your recovery, we recommend avoiding strenuous exercise, which may cause bleeding.

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The Results

Crown lengthening is a safe, commonplace procedure that can enhance the aesthetics of your smile and, in some cases, save a damaged tooth. This procedure can be life changing, especially for patients who have lived with a gummy smile most of their lives. We have over 70 years of collective experience performing crown lengthening procedures for patients in the Burbank, CA area.

To schedule a consultation, contact Burbank Periodontics at (818) 842-6162.