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From time to time, we see patients who have strange or unidentifiable growths in their mouths. Our doctors will collect biopsy samples and perform full oral pathologies, assessing these growths and determining whether further treatment is needed. For cancerous or malignant growths, we typically refer patients to specialists in the area.

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Wilckodontics, or Accelerated Osteogenic OrthodonticsTM (AOO), is a surgical treatment that can speed up the orthodontic treatment process considerably while also offering a healthier foundation for the teeth. This treatment can also help prevent gum recession before orthodontic intervention.

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Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)

A temporary anchorage device is a small screw, typically made from titanium and closely resembling a standard dental implant. They are placed into the jaw on a limited basis, providing a stable point around which the teeth can be moved or adjusted as needed. Temporary anchorage devices are usually placed as a step in the orthodontic care process.

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Crown Exposure 

Crown exposure, or crown lengthening, is a procedure used to expose tooth that is hidden underneath the gums. Removing the tissue or bone around the tooth to expose the crown, allows your doctor to move the tooth in to the correct position using orthodontia. Crown lengthening for cosmetic reasons can also remove excess gum tissue and restore a balanced, natural look, specifically for patients with a “gummy smile.”

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Hemisection/Root Resection

The hemisection, also known as the root section, is an older technique that has largely been replaced by more advanced methods. We still offer the procedure as needed, something that rarely happens. This procedure involves removing a non-viable section of the tooth, including some of the roots, allowing your periodontist to save the remainder of the tooth.

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Retention is a chief concern for patients who have had their teeth moved via orthodontic treatment. One procedure for enhancing retention is called fiberotomy. In this procedure, your doctor will carefully detach fibers from your teeth. The fibers will quickly reattach, but the teeth will then be in the correct position.

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