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The loss of a tooth can often result in the loss of underlying bone tissue. This loss occurs because the jawbone requires regular stimulation, which it typically receives from the tooth root. When the tooth is removed, that stimulation stops, and it can cause the bone to atrophy. Not only can this create unwanted changes to the structure of the face, but it may also complicate dental restoration, providing insufficient bone tissue in which to anchor dental implants.

These problems can be addressed through bone grafting, a simple oral surgery that helps regenerate bone tissue where the patient needs it the most. Our doctors have much experience performing bone grafts for patients throughout the Burbank, CA community.

What to Expect During a Bone Graft

During your initial consultation, your doctor will evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaw, confirming your need for a bone graft. Medical imaging, specifically a CT scan, of the area will be taken. This visit is also a great time for you to ask any questions about the treatment, including the sedation options we offer.

You may be sedated for the bone graft, ensuring a comfortable procedure. Our doctors use human bone, taken from a bone bank, which the body will not reject. A small sample of bone is grafted onto your jawbone, where it stimulates the body’s natural healing processes. This addition results in the generation of healthy new bone tissue, allowing you to prevent unwanted facial changes and become a good candidate for dental restoration.

Comfort and Recovery After Your Treatment

Some patients report some mild to moderate discomfort following their bone graft. Typically, this discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter remedies, including ibuprofen. When needed, we are happy to provide prescriptions for pain relievers.

It takes some time for the bone to fully heal in place, and the average healing process is 100 days or roughly three to four months. Our doctors can often provide immediate implants, meaning you can have your dental implants placed on the same day as your bone graft. This procedure cuts down the timeline and allows you to move forward with your dental restoration more quickly.

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The Bone Grafting Results

Bone grafting regenerates healthy tissue where you need it the most, allowing you to move forward with a comprehensive dental restoration. We are pleased to provide bone grafts to our patients in Burbank, CA, and are always happy to talk further about the process and the results.

To learn more about whether you need a bone graft, contact Burbank Periodontics for a consultation at (818) 842-6162.