Nitrous Gas

Most patients feel comfortable when visiting the dentist. Early exposure to the dentist helps patients to associate the dental office with feeling of relaxation. Some patients however, may feel nervous before their visit or while sitting in the dental chair. Sometimes they need more than gentle care to feel relaxed. Nitrous gas is a safe sedative used to help you relax during the dental visit while allowing the doctor to treat you effectively.N2O / Nitrous Oxide or Laghing Gas

Nitrous gas is a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide. Before the procedure a fitted mask is placed over your the nose and as the patient breathes, the blend is absorbed through the lungs. At the end of the treatment, the nitrous gas is removed and has no lingering effects. One of the side effects during treatment is a sense of contentment and relaxation one of the reasons why nitrous gas is also known as “laughing gas.”

The use of nitrous gas is very safe as it is rapidly absorbed, is reversible, and can be adjusted in concentration. Patients remain fully conscious and keep all of their natural reflexes while absorbing the nitrous gas. If you live in or around Burbank area and are interested in learning more about the use of nitrous gas during your next visit, or haves questions about other alternatives, please contact our offices to answer any of your questions or schedule an appointment to find out if nitrous gas is a suitable option for you.

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