Treatment Questions

1. What type of anesthetic do you use?
Most procedures are completed using a long-lasting local anesthetic like the one used in your general dentist’s office. In addition, we offer sedation options to be used in conjunction with local anesthetic, such as oral sedatives, nitrous oxide, IV sedation and general anesthesia.
2. When can I return to work?
Most patients return to work the following day.
3. What can I eat and when?
After the numbness wears off, you may eat cold and soft foods such as Jell-O, ice cream, cottage cheese or yogurt. You may return to your normal diet the following day.
4. Will I have sutures? If so, how many?
Yes, there could be several sutures. Some may dissolve, and the rest will be removed at your follow-up appointment in one week.
5. Will I need an antibiotic?
The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic if necessary
6. Will I need pain medication?
You may try Tylenol or Advil first, however, the doctor will prescribe a stronger medication if necessary
7. Can I brush my teeth?
Brush and floss everywhere in your mouth except the surgical site where the pink packing is.
8. Do I need an ice pack?
Yes, you will need to ice the area for 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off for the first day.
9. Will it be okay if I smoke?
No. Smoking interferes with your ability to heal.
10. Will there be any bleeding?
It is normal to have a little bleeding during the first 24 hours after your surgery. Please refer to your post-operative instructions and call our office if the bleeding continues.
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